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             horse1.jpg (16819 bytes)  "Close your eyes, transport yourself back through time and picture this scene: a desert landscape in which two warring Arabian tribes are preparing to do battle. The sound of drums and musical instruments stirs the blood of both men and horses as they anticipate what is to come. And the horses, in their nervousness and excitement, begin to prance, tossing their necks, flaring their nostrils and lifting their tails, hooves striking the sand in seeming rhythm to the drum beat. It’s said that this was the origin of training Arabian horses to dance; that after battle, when camp fires were lit and men gathered to celebrate victory, they’d bring in the horses to share their triumph and participate in the festivities. The more a horse would prance, the more it would be prized. Public displays of horse dancing in Egypt probably date back to the time of Mohamed Ali in the late 19th century. It was he and his grandson, Abbas Pasha I, who built up a collection of some of the best Arabian horses from the desert tribes throughout the 1800’s. (At its peak this numbered in the thousands.) But it’s only recently that dancing horses have been imported back into the Arabian Penninsula..."
(excerpts from an article by Francesca Sullivan for Insight mag.) 

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Beautiful Arabian performance horses with "dancing feet" and in your tent dispositions:

Offering for your consideration at stud the almost white Al Khamsa, Asil, Blue List elg. STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN stallion,WV ALI PASHA. His sire is by the great Ruminaja Ali and his dam is by Class A Ch. Ansata Abbaspasha (photos below). ALI is a classic Ansata foundation bred desert Arabian and is a gentleman at all times. He stands a solid 14.3h unshod and is a sound, fluid mover.

is certified SCIDS CLEAR! His 2010-11 stud fee is $650.

    DSCN0034.JPG (11746 bytes)             AliAddresslab.JPG (24256 bytes)              Ruminaja Ali.jpg (9175 bytes)              AnsataAbbaspasha.jpg (12200 bytes)
                       WV ALI PASHA                                                         RUMINAJA ALI                   ANSATA ABBASPASHA

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Ali is an Al Khamsa Arabian.                                  Ali is also a pure Asil Arab.

"In the beginning, God gave Ishmael, son of Abraham, a gift, made of mist and dust, as a reward for Ishmael's faith and dedication to the God of his father. Out of the mist and dust came the first Asil Arabian mare, who was at the time in foal, and produced a son. From these two gifts from God came the beginning of the Asil (pure) Arabian horse"

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My 16h jet black Arabian stallion is MNX TAHALLAH by Summerwood Shai by Simeon Shai out of a black Promotion (Bask*) daughter.TAHALLAH is straight Egyptian on the top side and pure Polish on the bottom...a wonderful combination that produces both exquisite type and action. He throws good size, powerful movement and very correct confirmation.

MNX TAHALLAH is certified SCIDS clear!

 Tahallahbd1web.JPG (7658 bytes)    DSCN0005.jpg (76084 bytes)   Summerwoodshaifront.jpg (35812 bytes)    Simeon Shai.jpg (4928 bytes)    Simeon-Shai-8.jpg (22273 bytes)
    MNX TAHALLAH                                                  His sire: SUMMERWOOD SHAI                 His grandsire: SIMEON SHAI

The 2012 stud fee for Tahallah is $750. for registered mares. Live cover only...and live foal guaranteed..

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My jr. stallion, OPEYAH EL NAZEER, is a typy headed, proud and stylish sabino red chestnut with a wonderful disposition. His 2012 stud fee is $650. to a limited # of approved mares. Like Ali, Opey
is a foundation bred pure Asil, Al Khamsa (see below) and Blue List elg. STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN Arabian.

Al Khamsa Arabian Horses, are those horses in North America that can reasonably be assumed to descend entirely from bedouin Arabian horses bred by horse-breeding bedouin tribes of the deserts of the Arabian peninsula without admixture from sources unacceptable to Al Khamsa. Al Khamsa reserves the right to determine which horses are called Al Khamsa Arabian Horses.

His second offspring is Habiba Raqisa (Beloved Dancer), a gorgeous S/E filly out of my *Mameluck daughter, FAHRANA.

     OpeyOct08.jpg (377096 bytes)             El Gamill.jpg (28896 bytes)                     jamilll4.jpg (32561 bytes)          Jamilll2.jpg (2394 bytes)
     OPEYAH EL NAZEER                          His sire: EL GAMILL                                     His grandsire: *JAMILLL
            (aka Opey)                                      His dam is: AK SHAMIRA
                                                                          (Moniet El Sharaf)
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Sand Dancers mares have royal pedigrees and were chosen to produce the most correct babies with the wonderful personality and devotion to man that Arabians are known for.

Below are photos of some of our lovely Arab mares.

Mirrafilly.JPG (9669 bytes) Fahrana05.JPG (14471 bytes) 0329091159c modified.jpg (11715 bytes) songseearabefore.bmp (438534 bytes) Carrie2.JPG (7937 bytes)SDbroadwaydancer2yrs.jpg (38897 bytes)                  
     WH Bey Miraddinn 
                       EC Elation               Song Seeara          Carrie Barakah        SD Broadway Dancer
         by Off Broadway              
by *Mameluck         by jumper Ch.BoldNBay      by Ch. BKA Imeer     Sabbath Elkanah        Mnx Tahallah
         (Bey Shah)                S/E, Al Khamsa, Asil    
 (brother to Lasoda)           (Ansata Imperial)      (Bagsheesh)            (Summerwood Shai)
You can see a great video of Mirra's black sire, Off Broadway, on Utube!! Copy and paste this URL: 


Congratulations to Chris and Susan Sechler on their purchase of Blacklord Eladdinn- AKA "Kohl". Thanks to Jane Coble from Texas for safely transporting him from here to Mississippi!

We welcome your consideration in choosing the sire of your mare's next baby or a youngster to train and love. Please call and make an appointment to see what is available. I am sure you will be pleased and I will be most happy to meet you.

BabyKole.jpg (15675 bytes)        DSCN0019.JPG (40671 bytes)                SDdancingwithstarsResz.jpg (98348 bytes)        DSCN0011.JPG (18063 bytes)         MirraColt08B.jpg (6756 bytes)    
Blacklord Eladdinn            Habiba Raqisa                  As a yearling             @ 3 years old               SD RiverDance      
Mirra's  jet blk. colt             Str. Egyptian '07 filly                             SD Dancing With Stars                       '08 Red Chestnut colt
by Falkhan's Gift                  by Opeyah El Nazeer                       1/2 Arabian '06 gelding by Opeyah El Nazeer             by Mnx Tahallah
 (Blacklord Falkhan).            
 ex Fahrana (*Mameluck)                        Stars is available to an approved home.                    ex WH Bey Miraddinn
                                                                                             (Off Broadway)
                                                                                                               rafnc.gif (5324 bytes)
Dance started his performance career as a working cow horse....

 Tahallah's boy.JPG (7542 bytes)  DSCN0030.jpg (47166 bytes)   DSCN0006.JPG (58330 bytes)   DSCN0009.JPG (42100 bytes)   Dancecutting.jpg (61541 bytes)
                                                                       90 days under saddle...working cattle and started on mechanical cow. SOLD!

SD Dance With Me is a great looking, sensible bay 1/2 Arab gelding by Mnx Tahallah out of SD Star Lily. First photo
at 2 days of age with momma. He has a nice jog, a very short lope and can turn inside out....
a nicely built, powerful moving young horse. Available to good home.

Here's Lily's 2010 1/2 Arab. filly @ 3 days old, so curious and not minding all that mud...sired by MNX Tahallah:
  DSCN0043.JPG (44393 bytes)                          DSCN0040.JPG (48777 bytes)

 anhoofprints.gif (27408 bytes)

SD BROADWAY DANCER, a fabulous Arab mare!         A fabulous 2008 Arabian colt!   A 2010 baby is expected in April!  

Mirasfilly.JPG (15928 bytes)                1227081234d modified.jpg (69328 bytes)                       DSCN0010.JPG (54641 bytes)    
As a foal                        As a 3 year old                                       

                                                                         Horses_Tiny_horse_prv.gif (11759 bytes)

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