Children are always excited by horseback riding. They often see it as an adventure. However, the first experience could at times scare and intimidate them, and that is why they need someone to guide them through the experience. Here are some horseback riding tips for kids on introduction:

Introduce the kid to horseback riding early

You probably shouldn’t allow a child to attempt horse back riding until around 5 years old or so. However, it will do the child good if you bring her to watch people as they ride as young as possible. Just throw the little one in a Tula or Ergo baby carrier and let them see and get used to horses. They will grow a love for them so that when they start riding, it will not seem so unusual and strange.

Keep the children active during the lessons

Children are likely to enjoy active riding lessons where they get to engage and participate in everything taking place. Once they learn their attitude, balance and control, you will find them wanting to keep riding and jumping. They prefer this than doing one thing over and over. You can break the monotony by changing leaders, having two rides in the same section going in the opposite directions, turning the movement arenas and going in and out of open order. Ask the kids to give their suggestions of what they wish to do after each lesson.

Take your kid to horse riding clubs and organizations

It is an excellent idea to enroll your child in a group that aims specifically at encouraging kids to ride horses. Through the club, your kid will get motivation and learn tip and manual for the correct horse grooming. The child will also access the latest information about any advancement in horse riding tactics. The organizations may at times organize competitions and events, and this helps in developing the child’s horseback riding skills.

Also, you could register your kid for summer camps where s/he can focus on horse riding. The child will get both summertime fun and gain riding experience.

Get a good instructor

You may have everything needed, but without an excellent instructor, things will not turn out well as you may have wished. A good instructor knows which horse is right for your kid. The instructor can also teach the child how to respect the horses and how to relate well with horses. It is also wise if you watch the way the instructor performs his/her duties and learn how to do it when you are alone with your child. The instructor will hold the lead as your kid rides the horse and this gives the child a sense of security and confidence. Use this tool to find a horse riding instructor near you.

Choose the right location

Put some factors into consideration when selecting the club or venue to take your child for riding lessons. This includes the horse sizes and selection. It is vital for the child to ride an appropriate horse size for the first time. Also, ensure that the ground is clean and the horses are well groomed. Confidence is the key to quick learning, and it is profoundly influenced by the kind of ground you choose.

Horseback riding is essential in teaching kids on how to be responsible and how to work and relate well with others. These horseback riding tips for kids will help you introduce your child to horseback riding successfully.