Do you know that Arabian horses are not just any ordinary kind of horse? There are many things that you may not have known about Arabian horses which is why you think they are simple. You need to know these things for you to know them better and to prove that they are different from others. If you want to know what these things are, read the list below.


This is the list of the things you may not have known about Arabian horses.

The Oldest Among Other Pure Breeds:

The first thing you did not know about Arabian horses is that they are the oldest or most aged pure breed all over the world. Some sources say that their estimated age is about 3000 up to 5000 years of existence which makes sense that you can see them on history books.

Unknown Beginning:

As what its name says, Arabian horses came from the land of Arabian peninsula but does not have a clear definition of where it really first originated. It is also called Arabian since it is cared by the tribe of Bedouin who lived in the deserts of Arabia.

Foundation Other Breeds:

Since Arabian horses are widely spread in all parts of the globe through wars and trades, it developed other breeds such as Egyptian Arabian horses, Polish Arabian, Russian Arabian, Spanish Arabian, and other popular breeds.

Missing Bones:

Some studies show that almost Arabian horses have mysterious missing bones in their skeletal system. It always has a missing bone such as 5 vertebrae instead of normal 6 lumbar vertebrae and the usual 18 ribs but it only has 17 ribs. Researchers cannot provide any explanations yet on what is the reason behind it.

It Can Be a Family Pet:

All Arabian horses have a calm and good personality which makes it a good family pet. It can be easily approached even by children since Arabian horses grow with the companion of humans.

Black is the Common Color:

The unique characteristic of a pure Arabian horse is that their skin’s common color is black. But it can also have a wide range of skin colors and patterns through the other breeds.

Has a Significant Endurance:

All Arabian horses have a strong and very muscular body which is the reason of the significant endurance they have. They can run at a great speed because of their well – built lungs that is responsible to give them the right amount of oxygen they need to run at this distance. With this, they are perfect to be race horses.

It is a Popular Mount:

Arabian horses were also mounted by some great men of history such as George Washington, Napoleon, the Great Alexander and other famous men. It is believed that they are the best mounts that can be used for wars.
Now that you know the things you might not have known about Arabian horses, you are now more knowledgeable about them. You are now also convinced how great and unique they are from other kinds of horses. If you want to know more about them, you can ask an animal expert to help you.