Looking for Arabian horse breeders in Texas? Keep reading this article to find out the right places to go and buy your own beautiful and strong Arabian stallion. These farms also have available other services such as quarantine centers and semen sale. Check them out:

Love NĀ“ War Arabians: The owners of this farm, located in North Texas, have been breeders since 1979. Their Arabian horses have proven Polish Ancestry. You can go visit their web site, or swing by the farm at Van Alstyne. This is their e-mail address for more information: billieglosser@aol.com

De Shazer Arabians: This farm has been breeding Arabian horses for more than 25 years. They are specialists in the finest Egyptian bloodlines. Some of the services they offer are: sales of Egyptian Arabian Horses, frozen and fresh semen from Stallions, shipping and quarantine center.

Legacy Arabians: This farm has a twenty year tradition raising, breeding, training and competing with Arabian horses. Although they are a smaller farm compared to others, they are included in the Winners Circle. They offer Arabian stallions for sale and also riding lessons. You can go visit them right outside the DFW Metro area in North Texas. For more information, this is their website.

Oak Haven Arabian Horse Farms: It is located in the countryside of Lindale and their owners, Blake and Gina, have worked there for over 30 years. They went there to work in the farm and after 10 years they had the opportunity of buying the place and continue to operating it with the idea of a family business. They train Arabians as show horses, and also breed them and raise them.

Tamar Arabians Ltd: Founded in 1990 by its owner Tamara Hanby-Black, they have a breeding program centered around a straight Russian stallion. Their facilities include 71 stalls in four barns, indoor arena, and outdoor broodmare stalls, among other great areas to raise and train the horses. They are located at 108 Thompson Road in Weatherford, Tx.

Cross TimbersĀ Arabians and Pintos: This is a small farm specialized in Pinto Arabian horse breeding. They are located in Dallas/FtWorthmetroplex in Tx. They produce about 2 to 3 Pinto and Arabian horses a year because they focus on quality more than quantity. Check their website for more info.

LD Arabians: The specialty in LD Arabians is the breeding of straight Arabian horses, specifically in the bloodline of Bint Magidaa, Mishaal HP, and Thee Desperado. They are located in 179 Lois Lane, Cedar Creek, TX.

Azabache Arabians: This breeding farm is located in West Texas since 2011. They breed, raise and train Arabian horses with tons of thought and consideration, so you can buy it there with total confidence.

We hope this little guide can help you find the Arabian horse you are looking for.