Do you know the different types of Arabian horses? If not, you should know that Arabian horses have developed some other breeds that came from other places because of its spread through wars and trades before. To help you in answering the question, you can read the list below that shows some of the different types of Arabian horses that you should know.
Here is the list of the different types of Arabian horses that you should know.

Arabian Horses

1. Egyptian Arabian:

Egyptian Arabian horse is the most common type of Arabian horse and is also known as a great war horse. The pure breed of Egyptian Arabian horses are gradually decreasing and now only represents a 2% of the whole Arabian breed. It can be distinguished with its front face that is very curved and its tail that is frequently held high.
– Available in 5 colors that are usually shades of brown
Blooded Horse Type
– Warmblood
– 14.6 hands

2. Polish Arabian:

The common characteristics of Polish Arabian horse are hooves that are small, very muscular built, the tail that is naturally held high, withers that are long, and neck that is usually arched. This type of Arabian horse is also played a big part in wars that happened in Poland.
– Shades of brown, white, and gray
– Ranges from 14.2 hands up to 15 hands

3. Russian Arabian:

Russian Arabian horses have diverse characteristics which make them popular and mostly preferred by horse enthusiasts. They have a significant endurance and haste that is why they are usually used for some wars that happened before and now used as racing horses. They can also be a family pet because of their calm and tamed personality.
– Dark shades of brown
– 15 hands

4. Spanish Arabian:

This type of Arabian horse is already decreasing its population and now only has less number of .1% of the whole population of the Arabian breed. These are very smooth –running horses which is why they are great for long rides. Some of its qualities are face and tail that is curved and has a good and calm personality. Spanish Arabians horses are also having a small amount of energy than Egyptian Arabians which makes them suitable as a good family pet.
– White, gray, also available in some shades of brown
– 14. 5 hands up to 15 hands
With all the information stated above, you now have the ideas on what are the different types of Arabian horses that you should know. It only goes to show that there a wide range of Arabian horse breeds that can also be used for different purposes. You should also know that these are just of the types and there are a lot more than you should also know. If you want to know what the other types of Arabian horses, you can ask an animal expert or even a professional veterinarian.