Without a shadow of a doubt, horses are fascinating creatures, regardless if they are racehorses, dressage horses or just horses for leisure riding. When thinking about horses, the first image that pops to mind for many is the image of an Arabian horse- distinguished by its unique head shape, short cannons, and long neck. The relationship between humankind and horses is one that is unique. Ever since the first caretakers of these horses, the Bedouin, Arabian horses have been known for their endurance, which was famous then for raiding enemy camps and an excellent choice for war horses.

Eventually, through prolonged contact with humans, Arabian horses now have a friendly nature and are more predisposed towards humans. In the modern world, Arabian horses are used primarily for endurance competitions and for leisure horseback riding. Whether you’re just a curious scholar or are planning to be a horse owner, you might wonder, ‘How much does an Arabian Horse cost?’  While it is stated that the price of an Arabian horse is around $5,000 to $10,000, there is a wide range of horses with prices higher or lower than that. As it turns out, many factors are affecting the cost of an Arabian horse, and it depends entirely on the buyer’s needs and wants in a horse.

Arabian Horse Training Cost

Among the few more important factors affecting the price of a horse is whether or not the horse has had previous training. Trained horses would fetch a higher rate than untrained horses, so buyers might want to consider whether it is worth it to fork out more money for a trainer. Even so, the buyer would have to determine what kind of training to give to the horse or to look for in an already trained horse, as there are many different training programs with various costs, such as specialty training, general training. Besides that, another factor affecting the price of a horse is the condition of the horse when you buy it. If the horse has had a prior injury or is known to be more susceptible to certain health conditions such as heart attacks or respiratory problems, then the horse will be cheaper than usual.

A buyer of an unhealthy horse would have to be later more receptive to any issues the horse may be facing and take preventive methods to ensure the horse’s good health in the long run, such as putting the horse on a special diet and lessen vigorous exercise routines. Lastly, the bloodline of a horse can impact the price of the horse. If a horse is a pure blood Arabian horse, for instance, or if it is a direct descendant of a famous racehorse, then the horse’s price will be higher than a horse without any outstanding bloodlines. If a buyer is looking for a horse for breeding or if bloodlines are essential to the buyer, then it’s best to purchase a horse with a documented bloodline history. Else, buyers can save money by buying horses without much of an impressive bloodline history.

Arabian Horse Costs: Ongoing

Besides the initial payment for the horse, there are also other ongoing costs to owning an Arabian horse. Depending on the owners’ intentions for the horse, the horses would have to undergo different training, as mentioned before. A professional racehorse, for instance, has to go through continuous training from the start of its racing career until its retirement, usually under a professional trainer.

Besides that, another ongoing cost to take into consideration is the feed of a horse. Depending on the horse’s health, age and career, the horse should be fed different types of feed to meet their respective dietary needs. For instance, a broodmare should be fed food with an increase in protein, vitamins, and energy especially in her last trimester, whereas a working horse would require extra energy-rich and fiber-rich food as compared to maintenance horses, whose dietary needs are not as extraordinary. It is worth noting that all horses should go through veterinarian check-ups now and then, which could rack up quite a bill. However, check-ups are well worth the price, as the horse’s health would be ensured in the long run.


How much does an Arabian horse cost? The upkeep and initial cost of an Arabian horse vary depending on what the owner’s plans for the horse are and on how much care must be put into maintaining the well being of the horse. There is no fixed price for owning a horse, and individual research must be done to find a horse suitable for one’s own needs.